Our Ayleen

Ayleen was born healthy in April 2000 and developed well - just as many other kids. She grew up as the first of two children, well protected by her parents.

Her first years passed quickly and soon Ayleen awaited entering school eagerly. Off she went happily and always good-humored when the first school day arrived.

Ayleen is as cheerful and beaming as she appears on the photographs, embracing everything in live with esprit and joy. The word fun-loving describes this girl best, where Ayleen is, the sun shines brighter, there is life, laughter and joy.

In summer 2010, Ayleen enters middle school - another step she had been looking forward to a lot. Finally one of the older kids! Getting to school by walking and sometimes with her bicycle, sports is a very important part of Ayleens life. Always moving around, always bustling about, always laughing. Where Ayleen is, life is in motion.

Now a wish comes true: Her love for horses turns into a hobby as Ayleen starts taking horse-riding lessons.As astonishing as it is: Ayleen started horse-riding just recently, it seems to be made for her. Horse and Ayleen belong together, they seem to understand each other blindly. Probably this comes from Ayleens love for horses - they seem to know that immediately

So far, Ayleen's childhood was pretty normal - but that changed dramatically in November 2010...